slaves of conscience_demo 2013

release: 2013
genre: deathcore
country: USA

website: https://www.facebook.com/SlavesofConscience
listen now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yToCJfjKiSM

"slaves of conscience" brings you very raw sounding, slamming deathcore. sounds like a nice home recording, but actually i kind of like this rough tunes, it is not the obvious sterile sounding deathcore with overly computerized drums, overdriven guitars and endlessly doubled  vocal tracks. ok "surrogates" has some weird vocal fills in it but those low gutturals do rip your instestines, they sounding original and not overdone, it may be a bit too original for some listeners but hey, do you remember the early times of metal?  this band has punchy guitar lines as promised by the logo, but i heard some clean parts too. the song "new age of extinction" leads from a nice blast beat to an unexpected clean guitar break. alltogether a good song with a nice solo, the obvious breakdown and  strange noises at the beginning. the clean parts are played a bit dirty and so is the rest of the guitar lines on this demo, but they are appaeling to my taste.
back to the vocals, this guy built in  really catchy parts, nice bang-along trips and the typical pig slaughtering stuff, unfortunately he hides his high screamed ones until the last song but i guess this is the voice of  birde castillo (i fear nothing).
 "slaves of conscience" reminds me of the early, maybe the better deathcore days, they'll wrench your guts.