scorned deity_adventum

release: 2013
genre: raconteurial blackend death metal
country: USA

website: https://www.facebook.com/ScornedDeity?fref=ts
listen now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rI7PtKQ__rs

right from the beginning "adventum" creates a threatening atmosphere, the intro is both soothing and disturbing - a flesh crawling cradle song.
then, all of a sudden you plunge into the massive guitar walls of "hand of will", subtle female clean backing vocals and pure destruction in the male front promised a hell of a record right from the first track. everyone who is interested should also take a look on the gruesome lyrics that lie within these powerful, devastating voices.

the instrumental section was pushed to the maximum, each song is a forceful display of their powerfull  style, precision and songwriting, great synthies and orchestral parts  fulfill each arrangement without sounding cluttered, these are topped by amazing solos always played perfectly precise and expressive.
stunning and forcefull song structures provide a unique atmospheric experience somewhere between modern swedish-melodeath and "emperor", the clean female voice by sarah hall is a nice extra feature on this record, a .highlighting win for the whole sound of "adventum". 
the great cover art represents the dark and gnarly mood that is burnt on these 11 tracks, this is the nightmare that haunts you set to music.
 in conclusion"adventum" is a highly professionell production, "scorned deity" created vast soundscapes that do not lack in heavyness and brutality or simply a breathtaking metal record.

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