nekrodeus_putrid scent of grave perversion

release: 2013
genre: death metal
country: austria

nekrodeus came up with their second release and man this one ripped the shit out of my guts. a few things have been changed since their demo record, they improved their sound but kept their outstanding characteristics alive. the intro pulls you down to this renowned grave atmosphere i described in my first review about them (demo 2013). it flows right into the  facebreaking opener track called "lords of the nekrothrone", the song was supported by a vocal feature from death mentality's patrick kubin, they definitely chose the right one to punch some extra brutality in this song.
the next one called "lenore", also appeared on their demo, but this time the guitar/bass part fucking slays your ears with the extra-punchy riffing that is practised throughout the whole production. the drums do alike, very technical and fast beats that fulfill these brute song structures. deep throat growls meet high pitched screams as evil as they can be but always keeping it entertaining with diverting verses and catchy chorus parts."putrid scent of grave perversion" took me beyond the limits, again this one is a selfmade piece of rotting death metal madness.

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