thrown to the sun_of oceans and raindrops

release: 2011
genre: progressive death metal
country: turkey

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/throwntothesun?fref=ts
listen now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3cy6FhpcxY

"of oceans and raindrops" has been released by the turkish prog.death metal band "thrown to the sun", five guys who have made something unique. let's take the second song "ravenous sun", straight death metal riffing, shouting and suddenly a break that flows into a part that could easily fit on a system of a down record, but that's of course not the end of the list every single track hides it's own suprise without falling apart from the basic idea of the other songs.
burning circle consists of  this  great main riff, some husky corey taylor styled clean vocals and again those fiendish, crunching shouts. the guitars provide catchy melodies, tasty solos  and some jazzy surprises (the crumbling), including expressiv acoustic performances and nice tappings.  the drums are set on fire by the awesome  double base hitting, the precise playing and the their freaking headbang warranty.
the only thing i'd like to criticize is the flat guitar and bass sound, it could be more forcefull, maybe tuned a bit lower but nevertheless they are fierce. opeth and meshuggah here, some swedish styled melo-death there, even some black metal and symphonic fragments can be found on "of oceans and raindrops" and yes there's a piano too.
thrown to the sun are out for the kill, every border is trampled down by this band, alltogther a creative, ambitious and extraordinary record.

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