lycanthropia_3rd world apocalypse

 release: 2013
genre: death metal
country: hungary

website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Official-Lycanthropia/228263990568906
listen now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh8cIjvJGNk

fast guitars lines mangle your brain as 3rd world apocalypse is starting to unleash its first tune called dead dawn, lycanthropia sounds like hell, their riffs are played accurate and ripping and the drums provide a constant hammering headbang assault. but that's not the full deal, you'll also get some gutturals from the deepest point of satan's kitchen,  within a while they even started to remember me of nile's karl sanders. the technical rhythms are displayed with a lot of skill and just the right amount of pure aggression and i gotta say that  i haven't heard such a great solo like the one on "slow death" on any underground record before. those three songs maul you to death, a severe death metal production that is rough, straight and climaxing in a sound that is simply perfect for them. 3rd world apocalypse won't give you  a single chance to lay your head to rest until it fucking breaks.

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