release: 2013
 genre: death metal
 country: sweden

website: https://www.facebook.com/barilium

barilium is starting off with heavy and dragging riffs, the shouted vocals perfectly fit to the whole sound concept, although the clean guitar lines and the solo/melody parts could use more accuracy i'd say that the entire product is a solid sounding production.
if the first one didn't, the second song on the record will bring you in headbang mode, the shouts are getting lower and the atmosphere drags you deeper into their rage. lamb of god is the first name on their list of influences, well, true that i could hear some "randy blythish" styled vocal lines and of course the stomping guitars with those sweet subliminal highlights.
the drumming works supporting to all other instruments including the vocals, really catchy ground shaking beats that could just use a bit more attack to make this thing trampling my brain.
barilium recorded a death march that takes no prisoners, if your into lamb of god styled metal mixed with swedish rage you gotta get on their path of destruction, i can't wait for their upcoming full lenght "growth in pain".

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