seventh seeker_angel's temptation

release: 2013
genre: melodic metal/ hard rock
country: united kingdom

website: https://www.facebook.com/Seventhseekerband
listen now: https://www.facebook.com/Seventhseekerband/app_2405167945

so we were looking for some female fronted metal to write about and just then seventh seeker sended us their first ep "angel's temptation", a really nice sounding production offering some solid melodic metal tunes.
singer daisy performs some beautiful vocals on that record, showing a good sense for melodies these 4 tracks may not be the heaviest in their genre but they definitely rock.
the drums which are also performed by a female, show off well arranged beats and a skilled style of playing, along with that come catchy guitar rhythms hightlighted with magnificent solos, also the acoustic guitar performance on "sunburnt" is definitely more that mediocre.
all of these 4 songs have a good potential to be great hymns, but unfortunately they get a bit tiring at some point. I was missing a change in tempo, something that would knock me off my chair and wake me up from this midtempo choma.
although i enjoyed this ep i was also hoping for a notable "seventh seeker" feature that would distinguish them from other melodic metal acts, anyway "angel's temptation" offers suitable headbang hymns, good instrumental skills and a whole lot of melody, if you are into that kind of metal you should absolutely give them a shot!

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