of ghosts_monster

release: 2012
genre: metalcore
country: united kingdom

website: https://www.facebook.com/weareofghosts
listen now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTmWrbGRaSc

"attention everyone: the unpleasent noise your'e about to hear is not a mistake" - prepare for  kickass uk metalcore, "of ghosts" have published their record "monster" in 2012 and man those guys got some serious fangs. brutish vokills tear up your vocal chords while you're screaming along to massive hooklines like "...your fear is my devotion" on the opener "to the depths", to name just one of them. those vocals climax in a demonic performance that is recorded on the last track "XV".
the hellish guitars made me wanna destroy, those riffs are totally designed to express maximum anger while still sounding exciting and not overproduced. the catchy headbang rythms are perfectly arranged with great accents, for example the first riffs of the second song "highgate empire" reminded me of '"slayer" creating a rad combination with the pounding riffs that fulfill this track. this power has also been realised in the drumming, double base trampling and driving beats that gave me a huge neck pain.
two songs got some special attention while i was listening to them, one of them is "green mirror" it's the sixth track on the record, it suddenly switches to electronic beats and a soothing melody this was awkward, unexpected and absolutely awesome.
the following one called "the ferryman" is one of the greatest instrumentals i've ever heard, you hear the sound of waves getting overlayed by a gentle piano theme and a spooky choir,  i think that this one is referring to the myth of charon the ferryman of hades, at least it gave me the feeling of being carried across the rivers styx and acheron, also the cover cover artwork that shows an absorbing photograph of a lonely boat may be alluding to him.
"of ghosts" have created a record that is now one of my favorite metalcore publications, this "monster" is dragging you straight to hell.

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