icosian_when i stopped calling it home

release: 2013
genre: progressive metal
country: canada

"when i stopped calling it home" started to bewitch me with it's amazing cover artwork that is a collaboration of 2 artists. sab kay (nothing is heavy) and bryan shepherd (raining brains) perfectly pictured this record's sound and feeling on the cover. the music of "icosian" is a mixture of grooving guitar and bass passages, hammering drums and a well arranged composition of gutturals and clean vocals, especially the clean vocal parts were a nice earmark that i really enjoyed. the trampling guitar riffs are absolutely driving and played very precisely, they build up a powerful "sound-wall" while cooperating with the awesome sounding bass. 
the combination of both, technical and grooving riffs  made me wanna mosh but that isn't the full experience, beneath all these brute parts the band also left space for passages that let you calm down with wonderful atmospheric melodies, altogether really good songwriting.
i think that the song "vices" is perfectly revealing the potential of the 5 members, showing off  some instrumental skills and catchy vocals lines that could easily stand their ground next to today's genre veterans, in general all of the tracks performed on "when i stopped calling it home" provide well-skilled and diverting prog metal consisting of nice melodies and of course pit-heating brutality.

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