wassermanns fiebertraum_brandung

 release: 2012
genre: post rock
country: germany/austria

even though it is not metal, i had to review this one, i found this band while looking for some worthy local underground concerts and it instantly got my attention. instrumental post-rock has never been my choice of music until i heard this one, this record called "brandung" is  played with such a great sense for emotion and highlights that i couldn't believe that any (underground) band can give you that exact same feeling in a live show but "wassermanns fiebertraum" kept their promise. those sweet and dreamy melodies carry you like soft waves on an endless ocean. it surely has its raging and stormy times too, but they never let you feel fear, its more like a departure to something new but familiar.
it might appear obvious that i speak of oceans, while looking on the great cover artwork showing a breaking wave, but listening to it truly gives you the feeling of standing right between the waves, catching a salty breeze of fresh sea air.
it also reminded me of being a child with all its playfullness and excitement displayed by the perfectly played instruments, listen to "du in meinem blut" or "kinderspiel" and you will know what i mean.
as i said before the instruments are played with great commitment -NO VOCALS NEEDED- although there are a few lines subtly whispered over the second track but they just complement the instrumental work that provides outstanding guitars,passionated solos, sensitive drumming and subliminal bass play.
the last track called "innere getriebenheit" is a bit different from the others, it gives you a feeling of restlessness that suddenly gets calmed down just to rise again at the end of this beautiful piece, it was surprising but not inappropriate.
this record gave me an intense shudder and an outburst of emotions, i've never heard such great feelings transfered on a record, but the best thing is that you'll get the same experience at one of their stunning live shows.

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