release: 2012
genre: black metal/hardcore/grindcore
country: usa

listen now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hj66KsAHGhs

shadowheart shows great black metal influences perfectly mixed with hardcore and subtly seasoned with punk/noise rock elements. 4 of the 5 songs promise absolute aggression starting off with an ear-raping speed attack called "heart of gnarled roots".  high-pitched screams and violent shouts keep hunting you through the whole record with no chance to hide. the fast drums keep accelerating your heartbeat while the guitar play causes your blood to boil, they are keeping the whole thing very precise despite the fact that all this hate is displayed very powerful and raw. what i love the most about the instrumental work on this ep is the rumbling bass sound, it contributes a subliminal groove adding some additional spice to the record.  
just a few breaks give you the chance to take a small gasp within this raging storm, always resulting in even more anger, but the last song called "i curse those who ail me" is a gentle piano theme, with spoken text passages and expressive drumming dissolving all the straight hate that was created throughout the other tracks, this one gives you the last rites to finally to die in deep melancholy.
i have to make a little subtraction when it comes to catchiness, needless to say that traitor have made a rough but excellent sounding display of pure violence, that can easily live without that.

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