throne of entrails_2012

release: 2012
genre: deathcore
country: usa

website: www.facebook.com/throneofentrailsnj
listen now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnBE7u_mdNw
2012 is a massive sounding deathcore trip that is caressing you with its nice guitar melodies while beating the shit out of your lazy neck muscles with some serious drum insanity. Usually i don't like this computerised drum sound but on this one it truly makes sense, even tough it's a bit too dominant at some points, the drumming is totally bringing the whole thing to a higher level, also the cover version of "neoclassical deathcore jam" (the faceless) was an excellent choice to get this record further, it somehow works decelerating,  building up a good atmosphere to prepare for the final power trip. 
one thing that i was very surprised about is the fact that there are actually two vocalists regurgitating their beastly vokills over the slamming guitar groove, these guys have builded up a great harmony that is second to none.
However, after listening to this record several times i recognised that i was missing something, a characteristic feature, a special earmark that makes me say "this is throne of entrails", also the cover art hasn't knocked my socks off, but nevertheless 2012 provides constant trampling deathcore, this band made a well arrangend compositon of  groove, melody and tension that is definitely worth a try.

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