replacire_the human burden

release: 2012
genre: progressive metal 
country: usa

website: http://www.reverbnation.com/replacire
listen now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rfKuv5OdYQ

while digging myself through the internet i was suddenly stoned and stunned, listening to the first song of this 8-track monsterpiece called "the human burden". from start to finish i was trapped by the intense instrumental work, pulling me right off this planet, like a near-death experience getting you to some sort of higher state just to punch you back down to the insidous reality with barbaric vocal madness crowned by evil low/high combinations and pure severity. Don't you dare thinking that you are save now, being soothed by the hypnotic clean  passages, they are cradling you on a constant stream leading to the next sudden cataclysm.
also the job that is done by the instrumentalists is outstanding. the technical and calm guitar and bass passages perfectly flow from groove lines into fast persecutions brought to you in any possible order, while the intensive drumming accompanies each upcoming vibe expressive and precisely without getting subdued.
all these things give birth to a unique sound sphere that forces you on a trip, never knowing what's coming next, caught between paranoia and a womb-like perception.
another asset has been captured on the artwork which is amazing work absolutely describing the record and it's intoxicating characteristics.
"the human burden" isn't like anything i've ever heard or smoked before, it is the recorded rush of a hellish rollercoaster ride that legally gets you high.

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