uproot chaos_time to question

release: 2012
genre: death/trash metal
country: ireland

website: http://www.facebook.com/UprootChaos?ref=ts&fref=ts
listen now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFT3gyO_fmI

uproot chaos has made something that i would describe as difficult, their vocal concept it's a mixture of strange grunting gutturals, shallow clean vocals with female backings and some gang shouts, i would not say that they are untrained but somehow they are sounding very clumsy, which might be referable to the whole vocal arrangement.
the guitars are moaning and blurred, exept for the clean parts which aren't outstanding but pretty nice. altogether they demonstrate good solo and rythm ideas that leave room for improvement. 
unfortunately also the drums lack in severity and expression, the bass drum and the cymbals are dull or to be precise they are sounding kind of shabby.
hearing their cover version of sepultura's "slave new world" was confirming my theory about the vocal arrangements, actually they aren't that awkard on this track, also the instruments seem to be played better than on the other tracks. to make it short i would say that the cover art of "time to question" isn't bad, it just looks a bit loveless.
BUT: in defiance of all this criticism i have to say that i heard ambition and the will to make something different, especially the song "distillation (of our fears)" hides a great potential to be a real anthem. if uproot chaos work on their skills and structures, upholding their style they could absolutely obtain some better results.

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