phidion_flesh of the forsaken

 release: 2012
genre: death/ trash metal
country: sweden

good old swedish death straight outta stockholm. the vocal arrangement consisting of growls and high shouts is raw, evil and uncompromising. the drums provide the characteristic bass/snare beats adorned with kinky blasts and some fast double bass action. unfortunately those double bass parts sound a bit computerized.  altogether i also think that the drums are bit too penetrating, but nevertheless the drumming takes you straight into headbang mode.
the bass sound is dirty and rough, perfectly fitting to the whole concept, also the guitar sound is taking you back to the early death metal days. speaking of the guitars i gotta mention the nice tapping that is performed on "anthropophagus" which is also my favourite track on this record. also "slaves to eternal insomnia" branded itself into my mind, with it's straight and brutal beat almost knocking my head off to this pile of skulls that is shown on the nice cover art.
although this sinister record is  played skillfully and passioned, i'd like to hear a special "phidion" note setting them apart from other bands like them, however "flesh of the forsaken" should be heard by all death metal fans who love to be remembered of bygone days, this one is a true old school pearl that shouldn't get lost in the depths. 

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