nothing left to give_built to last

release: 2013 
genre: metalcore
country: usa

listen now: https://www.facebook.com/nothinglefttogive860/app_2405167945

wow it's been a long time since i heard some real metalcore...fortunately "nothing left to give" remembered me of it with their upcoming ep "built to last". first of all i gotta mention the vocal performance, vocalist keith laws is screaming his fucking lungs out while guitarist mat trash is attaching some melodic clean parts coming straight from the heart. i was also very pleased about their chorus ideas, they are catchy as fuck, i couldn't stop singing along to them.
even the guitars make sure that you keep listening to the 5 songs, classic metalcore riffing with good melodies, not too pushy and not overdone. although the guitar work isn't what i call magnificent, i think that it sounds very charming and i have to say it is absouletly suitable to the whole sound on the record. the drums and the bass are very passive, a more aggressive sound would be nice but not necessary, altogether i heard some nice supportive beats, played skillfully and ambitious.
track 4 called "southern hospitality" was recorded with a special guest, kevin lacerda (it lives, it breathes) is sharing the mic with "nothing left to give" frontman keith laws. the two vocalists have made a good job together, they are creating a different sound that isn't my favourite one, but nevertheless it is another song that is just huge fun to hear.
"built to last" keeps growing the more you listen to it, trapping your ears with its catchiness, its entertaining melodies and the vocal arrangements that remembered me of  the old "from autumn to ashes" stuff. these guys know how to make one sing along, you gotta keep an eye on them!

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