no class assassins_the no class e.p.

release: 2011
genre: metal
country: usa

website: www.facebook.com/NoClassAssassins
listen now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1lZttlrzMc

"no class assassins" brought me their second release "the no class e.p." wich was mixed and mastered by mike hasty (walls of jericho). hasty did a great job, alltogether a very punchy and professional sound that actually has some uniqueness, the 4-headed band (currently 3-headed and searching for a new drummer) did a great job as well.
the drums mostly change between double bass trampling and fast blast beats, very nice sounding, skilled drumming but unfortunately it gets a bit boring while listening to it several times. also the massive guitars create a forceful groove that is really enjoyable but definitely lacking in variety when it comes to the whole record. the vocal section is split into two, axeman dave kelsey and vocalist jay crimson got some mean throat-twisting gutturals going on, also the clean ones are interpreted well.
"stubborn play" represents an exception: a somber sounding intro, calm clean vocals and subdued bass lines that burst out into an angry screaming hurrican, highlighted with a dragging and moaning guitar solo. by contrast, "blacked out" exposed itself as straight "(head)bang-along" that must be a great live experience. in sum i heard powerful hardcore- and death-influenced metal that could use a bit more variety but "no class assassins" distinguish themselves with professionality and grooving song structures that can surely beat the crap out of your ass.

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