cult of apophis_murder house demos volume 1

release: 2013
genre: black metal/doom 
country: usa

listen now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0fJgE5Zs6M

"murder house demos vol.1" gives you mostly screamed vocals that make a good atmosphere while interacting with the instrumentalists, at some spots they get really high and keen, on others they are shouted deeper, creating some catchy hightlights. also some spoken vocals were added to the last track called "hills of eyes", constructing a darker, more somber sound.
unfortunately the guitars are a bit too subtle, which is very regrettable, i  heard good string action, even though they lack a little bit in precision. summed up it is well arranged (but typical) black metal riffing with a nice groove attached to it, the drums play by the same recipe.
"cult of apophis" is described as black metal/doom band, but i do miss some outstanding doom parts, i wouldn't say that they are straight black metal but they do need more severity and heavyness to get my "doom" seal.
"murder house demo vol.1" is a good debut, showing fine song writing that promises nice black metal sounding just as dirty as it should be. this record may be average, but it definitely made me looking forward to the next one with its raging and ambitious tracks.

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